Victoria Park | BBQ Braised Chicken Legs

Victoria Park | BBQ Braised Chicken Legs

Victoria Park | BBQ Braised Chicken Legs

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Rubbed with savoury spices and basted in a honey chipotle BBQ sauce, served with corn on the cob, cajun potato wedges and corn biscuits. Gluten free excluding baked goods.

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Your hot lunch buffet includes:

- Braised chicken legs rubbed in savoury spices and basted in honey chipotle BBQ sauce
- Corn on the cob
- Cajun potato wedges
- Corn biscuits and butter (not GF)
- Choice of side salad (select from list)
- Sweets tray (not GF)
- Eco-friendly disposable plates, cutlery and napkins

Hot items are subject to an 18% service and set up charge, which includes:

- Chaffing dishes with sterno fuels
- Serving utensils
- Buffet set-up 
- Equipment pick up
- Linen for buffet table (available upon request)

China, cutlery, linen roll ups and waitstaff are available for an additional charge.

This item is available only for the months of June, July and August.

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