Working Luncheon Sampler - International Wraps

Working Luncheon Sampler - International Wraps

Working Luncheon Sampler - International Wraps

Working Luncheon Samplers include a tray of wraps (see below for details), fresh fruit tray, your choice of side salad, and a cookie tray. Perfect for a celebratory feast or for a group of guests with a large appetite or varied palates.

This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 9 quantity for this product.



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Your International Wraps Working Lunch Sampler includes:


- An array of the following wraps, 1 per person
Mexican Chicken | cilantro, mole sauce, cheddar, red onion, green pepper, jalapeño, flour tortilla
Thai Beef | sirloin beef, carrots, cabbage, red onion, mushroom, green & red pepper, sweet chili sauce, tomato tortilla
Italian | ham, pepperoni, salami, onion, roasted green pepper, mozzarella, dijon mustard, tomato tortilla

Vegetarian option available upon request:

Good Nature Vegetarian | monterey jack, cucumbers, tomatoes, chickpea hummus, spinach tortilla V

- Fresh fruit tray
- Your choice of side salad (choose from the list)
- A cookie tray

Gluten-Free bread available upon request in the "Special Requirements" box below.
Some of the meats included on this platter are pork-based.

Choose one salad selection from the list below:
Caesar Salad
Young Heritage Greens Salad GF VG*
Tuscan Pasta Salad
Wood Smoked Potato Salad GF
Spinach Salad GF
Bountiful Broccoli Salad GF
Carrot & Ginger Salad GF VG
Quinoa Salad GF VG
Caprese Salad GF
Greek Village Salad GF VG*
Acorn Squash Salad GF

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Product Options
Choice of Salad    * Required
Quinoa (GF, VG)
Acorn Squash (GF)
Spinach Salad (VG)
Caprese Salad (GF)
Greek. (GF, VG*)
Bountiful Broccoli Salad (GF)
Kale & Carrot Salad (GF, VG)
Wood Smoked Potato (GF)
Young Heritage Greens (GF, VG*)
Special Requirements
Characters left: 100